Isn’t it amazing that much of what we encounter in today’s business climate is still kept in silos? We continue to build business models so that silos perpetuate themselves until we face the difficult task of breaking them down and reestablishing the culture we really want in our business. The hard work of convincing companies to become more engaged at every level in the organization is giving rise to a new, more collaborative organization, which will add to the effectiveness, and efficiencies companies need and deserve.

Since the financial crisis hit the world economy, there has been a push to do more with less and a compression of functions within corporations around the globe. We are starting to see a gradual erosion of select and specific roles played by employees. Think about typing your own correspondence today versus how business was conducted 25 years ago. It’s much different today than when an administrative person handled all departmental communication.

With the sharing of information through various means in the world of communications, ie: all forms of media, printing, big data, data analytics, we are beginning to see a change from the silo mentality to a more open and cooperative form of conducting day to day business. The speed at which the communications industry has helped us interact will continue to force the consolidation of roles across all industries.

Imagine if your content is pre approved and created by marketing? The look and feel always matches branding standards set by marketing. You will have instant access to design tools by business users for self-service, no waiting for creative staff to work it into the queue. It will be as flexible and as simple as using Amazon.

Or imagine the day where a typical business user can create content based upon a brand strategy and direction set by the organization? They would have the necessary tools to communicate directly with a prequalified prospect and customer base, which was previously vetted by the analysis of streams of data both resident and purchased.  There will be unprecedented savings and efficiencies the likes of which not previously seen in the arcane world of business.

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