3M’s of Organizational Mis-Alignment

You probably hear and often times wonder what consultants and strategist’s talk about when they discuss the alignment of an organization. Organizations generally do not have a strategic alignment system or a brand and culture alignment system in […]

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Are you planning an exit?

There are dozens of things to consider when you are planning an exit from your company. Most of the time you’re thinking about the valuation, the operations, the people, and whether or not the chemistry with the company […]

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Paradigm Thinking

Paradigm thinking.

For over a hundred years, baseball statisticians looked at the same data for each player, depending on the position. Then in the early 2000s, Billy Beane came along and changed the way baseball statistics were viewed. […]

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No way this can happen!

Imagine walking into your office one morning at 7:30 when you’re typically the first to arrive. This time, there are four or five colleagues who beat you into the office. One of them bought coffee and another bought bagels and […]

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Cold calling is alive and well, survey finds

Those who have been sounding the death knell for cold calling may have to reconsider their thinking. Customers are still receptive to cold calls. 

A recent survey of 1,000 executives, ranging from Fortune-ranked companies to small- and medium-sized businesses, 

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Business users creating content? Really?

Isn’t it amazing that much of what we encounter in today’s business climate is still kept in silos? We continue to build business models so that silos perpetuate themselves until we face the difficult task of breaking them down and […]

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