Companies spend a tremendous amount of money attracting and retaining customers through branding and marketing. But if your employees don’t get it, they will not deliver on your brand promise. This means you’re wasting precious resources, getting customers interested only to have an experience that falls well short of their expectations. See how you rate on these ten questions:

1. Can your employees articulate your brand promise?
2. Do your employees know their role in bringing the brand to life?
3. Have you identified what a brand champion is and do your employees take appropriate  action when they observe policies or procedures that don’t reflect your brand?
4. Do you use all of your internal communication tools to reinforce the brand, and to
recognize employees who are brand champions?
5. Does your internal communication make an emotional connection with your  employees?
6. Is your internal communication program grounded in a single theme that reflects
your external brand message?
7. Are all your departments engaged in internal brand communication?
8. Are your operations, policies and procedures aligned to the brand?
9. Is the brand message “baked-in” to all of your training and development tools?
10. Is being a brand champion stated as part of your employees’ job responsibilities?

If you answered “yes” to four or more of these questions, congratulations! You’re doing better than most companies!